Bradford Grand Mosque began as a community prayer area and a modest place for basic Islamic study. With the increase in support from the local Muslim population it has now become a central hub for the local community of Bradford. The facilities, expertise and experience of the staff have helped Bradford Grand Mosque become a focal and instrumental organisation in the UK.



The site has two dedicated mosque halls and several overflow areas. Jumuah prayers are offered on Fridays at 1:00pm (winter) and 1:30pm (summer) in the main prayer hall. Jumuah is attended regularly by some 3000-4000 worshippers made up primarily of the business and student populations of Bradford.
Friday lectures in Urdu and English begin up to an hour before the stated time for Jumuah. The main prayer hall and overflow halls are used to full capacity on Eid ul-Fitr, Eid ul-Adha and on national conferences held monthly. There are allocated Imams that will lead the prayers 365 days a year and attendance varies from prayer to prayer. The current facility is for men only but the management team are working tirelessly to complete the dedicated Women’s Centre to cater for the needs of our Muslim sisters also.



At Bradford Grand Mosque, we regularly organise conferences, lectures, and events for scholars, students, the local and wider community. Events are commonly attended by international scholars invited as guests and other visiting lecturers from around the UK. Bradford Grand Mosque has a history of providing a unique platform and hub for students, the community, and also local scholars enabling them to engage with the leaders of Islamic academia. Bradford Grand Mosque has also delivered events intended on enhancing community relations throughout a multi-faith setting and has welcomed senior inter-faith delegates from around the world through its doors.



Al-Jamia Suffa-Tul-Islam has graduated over 150 Huffaaz (Memorisers of the Holy Qur’an) and over 40 Imams/Aalims (Scholars of Islamic Sciences). During Ramadan there is a high demand for Huffaaz to lead Tarawih prayers and for Imams/Aalims to deliver short speeches throughout the month. Bradford Grand Mosque has provided Huffaaz and Imams/Aalims to institutes throughout most major cities of the UK on a temporary basis as well as long-term. Many of the Huffaaz and Imams/Aalims have been sent to institutes oversees including USA, Europe and Asia.



Bradford Grand Mosque's lecturers and tutors conduct in public speaking and nasheed/naat recitation. They are well known nationally and locally and speak at community events, ISOCs and youth events. In the past they have covered national events, radio, television, charity dinners and fund-raisers, school assemblies and hospital visits. Orators have knowledge on most Islamic subjects and conduct them in both English and Urdu.



Qibla Hazrat Sahib, Shaykh Mohammad Habib-Ur-Rehman Mahboobi Naqshbandi Qadri meets visitors for open Islamic spiritual healing, in the form of Ta’weez and/or ruqya (dam), for counselling or general Islamic advice on Thursdays after 9:00pm and Fridays after the Jumuah prayers, at Bradford Grand Mosque.



Bradford Grand Mosque for many years has conducted the service aspect of a funeral prayer (Janazah) and continues to do so today. A dedicated centre for funeral prayer services is currently being readied.



Bradford Grand Mosque does not conduct Civil marriages instead Bradford Grand Mosque has Imams conduct Nikah ceremonies in the community in accordance with the Islamic Shariah.



Bradford Grand Mosque houses a dedicated student library exclusively for the Darse Nizami (Higher Islamic Education) students with over five thousand books.



STI Publishing is the publishing arm of Bradford Grand Mosque. They produce Islamic media, which is aimed at people with English-speaking backgrounds, especially in the UK. For further information visit



Our seasonal Umrah and annual Hajj tours service has been operating for over fifteen years and are led by highly experienced Arabic, Urdu and English speaking tour guides. Umrah visits are usually arranged for the Christmas, Easter and Summer school holidays. Whilst Hajj visits usually depart three to four weeks prior to Eid ul-Adha.



Bradford Grand Mosque has officially opened it's doors to groups intending to carry out a group visit/tour. Please be mindful that construction work is still ongoing when visiting and any risk assessments will have to be carried out by the group visiting if required, prior to visiting the Mosque. Please be sure to also explore the 360 Virtual Tour features in the Gallery section.



STI School is the educational arm of Bradford Grand Mosque and is broken down into the following departments. Tarbiyah & Tasawwuf (Aalim Course) – ages 16+; A full-time five year course in Islamic Sciences. Short Courses – ages 16+; Part-Time courses offered periodically on various Islamic disciplines. Tahfeez-ul-Qur'an – ages 7+; Part-Time evening class for those wishing to memorise the Noble Qur’an. Supplementary School – ages 6-16; Weekly evening classes covering a comprehensive Islamic Studies syllabus. The school has a very busy calendar in which many activities and events are organized for the students and the local community, including annual fundraisers for local causes. Further information can be viewed at